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As a hobby, Love and Polish is all about motorcycle engineering, building, restoring, and riding / racing Classic to Modern Vintage Japanese and European motorcycles.  When people see the name Love and Polish, they think its a country, Hot Dog Marketing, and or Beauty products.  :)  Not hardly, I enjoy building, trading, collecting, and racing classic / modern motorcycles built from a one-man, self-taught operation within my home garage of Tega Cay, SC.  

It seems I got the sport bike fever in high school some odd # of years ago in Pueblo, CO., when I began riding motorbikes with like-minded individuals who turned out to be best friends.  We gathered in numbers, upwards of thirty souls; who not only rode daily, but also worked on each other’s bikes, swapping bike tales and stories, and always looking for unique ways to modify our bikes. From here, I begin polishing Sport-Bike Aluminum frames and immediately my garage was full of motorcycles sitting there waiting in line for my polishing work.  Fast forward to 2008: Love and Polish was born!  I was finally able fulfill my dream and amateur race with the MRA.  Roadracing is what helped catapult my hobby to enjoy the love of building motorcycles with the joys of racing and urban culture.  My first race bike build was a 1994 Ducati 750SS with a Ducati Monster custom tuned 900cc engine.  It was then, I became intrigued by the Cafe Racer and started building these lovely machines to fuel my racing hobby.  In other words, L&P is another silly way to enjoy what I love and do!

                                                      Cheers, John R. Garcia