Love And Polish
  C u s t o m   V i n t a g e   M o t o r c y c l e   S a l e s  &  R e s t o r a t i o n 

Specializing in....

    * Rare European and Japanese - Modern Vintage Motorcycles * 
   * Custom Fabricated Classic, Café Racer, Race, & Motorcycle Restorations * 
* Aluminum Polishing / Restoration for your Moto / Auto * 

"Motorcycles built by Love And Polish are heavily influenced from the racing circuit, the bikes are stunning and beg to be ridden hard”.

/projects2/7/3/5/7/947537/images/63c34228f0f0e1a3cd43254981b223ad_lyz9.pngMotorcycles in Progress/projects2/7/3/5/7/947537/images/63c34228f0f0e1a3cd43254981b223ad_lyz9.png

1972 Honda CB350 Four Full Fairing / Bodywork Track Racer (On the blocks)

1979 Yamaha TT/SR 500 Racer (Built and ready for sale) Inquire

1975 Honda CB360 Cafe Racer (Finished - Built and Sold by Tyler)

1975 Honda CB500 Four Restoration (Waiting)

1974 Honda CB450 Twin Restoration (Waiting)


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